KCM Wealth Management Services

Wealth ManagementAt KCM we pride ourselves on providing a holistic approach to our clients. This means we work closely with them to ensure they receive appropriate advice not only on matters we deal with but on their wider circumstances and objectives. An example of this would be the importance of clients having their Wills and Power of Attorney in place and that their Wills are revised to ensure clients are not disadvantaged from the 3 major changes to inheritance tax legislation since 2006. Likewise if we feel there are additional services their accountant or stockbroker could provide we would suggest they seek their help on these matters and work with other professionals to ensure we collectively achieve the best results for our mutual clients.

In addition to providing advice on traditional tax efficient investments such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and mainstream pensions we provide advice on other areas too. These will include Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) which can provide a wider choice of investment vehicle including commercial property purchase where appropriate. We hold the necessary permissions to advise clients on the suitability of maintaining any deferred Defined Benefit schemes or transferring to flexible access arrangements if this meets the client’s objectives. Where circumstances dictate we may find Offshore Bonds, Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs) or Alternative Investment Market ISAs (AIM ISAs) are required to achieve the desired investment and tax outcome.

Increasingly we use cash flow modelling to ensure clients are likely to be able to fund their desired lifestyle, particularly where clients want to achieve a specific objective in saving or decumulating their assets in a tax efficient manner throughout their retirement. Recent and future known changes to inheritance tax have also led to more of our clients needing to avail of our specialist knowledge in this area.